hi there

I’m Kaitlin. I like connecting people to the ideas that matter in their life. Last summer I decided it was time to take some risks and try new things, and moved from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon. 


I am amazed by what human ingenuity does with the simplest communication & technology. 
We can always find new ways to solve problems, to create feelings, to inspire changes.


One of my earliest memories is stretching onto my tiptoes, peering up at a mysterious, crinkling bag. Thank goodness I learned to read because it said, “Cheetos.”


Success doesn't happen in a vacuum. I shape my work and my life with intent. I find joy and meaning by making space for community, creativity, practice, and growth. 


Like any native Idahoan who grew up on John Wayne movies and bottle feeding calves, I don't know when to quit. But I do know when to rally my posse and when to put my spurs on.


Don't let amazing ideas get lost on their way to creating change.

Kaitlin Carpenter


what shapes me

People who are passionate about what they do, loving communities of all shapes and sizes & exploring new places/tastes/ideas—anything that challenges me and fills me with joy. Baking macarons that are almost the right shape. Mastering a new pose in my yoga practice. Sharing an idea with a quick ugly sketch. Sipping afternoon coffees with friends old and new. Reading a story so good I lose track of the time. Picking the perfect group Halloween costume. Traveling somewhere I've never been. Pretending a donut counts as lunch. Oversharing pictures of my cat Dobby. Putting words on paper. Telling a dad joke and hearing a collective groan. Bringing enormous Post-it notes to meetings to change our group perspective. Throwing a snowball at least once a year. Swapping book recommendations. Eating a baguette and stinky cheese for dinner.